News Flash: Epsom PS one of 8 schools in the iPad Trial

Yes it’s now official that Epsom Primary School is one of the eight schools across Victoria who have been chosen to trial the iPads.  We are very excited about this and are looking forward to the start of the program in August.

Each child in grade 5&6 will receive an iPad for their use 24/7.  We will be asking some questions such as follows:

How will the iPads assist the students to learn?  How will the students use the iPads along side the interactive whiteboard and the netbooks?  What will be easier to do on an iPad?  How will the iPads use change the learning activities/organisation in the classroom?

Watch this space for updates on our trial.

17 thoughts on “News Flash: Epsom PS one of 8 schools in the iPad Trial

  1. Hi,
    I am so excited about getting an Ipad!
    I got even more excited when I saw how big they are and how they work! We get a gift voucher for Itunes! How much money is it?
    From Mikaela (Mikky)

  2. Dear Grade 5/6,
    I am so very, very, very jealous that you get to learn on the iPads! Mrs Ashby and I went to an iPod conference in the holidays and there were lots of iPads there. I got to play with one and I really like the bookshelf. It’s and actual picture of a bookshelf and you get/buy books from the library and they sit on the bookshelf for you to read. How exciting – and electronic book.
    If anyone wants me to ‘look after’ their iPad on weekends I am very willing to do that!!! LOL.
    Mrs Davey

  3. i think we are going to learn alot on the ipads our grade is going to have a great time using them and learning better skills.

  4. Hello,
    it is awesome that we get ipads and is even better because we get a $100 itunes voucher. Some other good thing is we still get to keep the netbooks and the trial ends when i leave primary school.

  5. I enjoyed looking at the survey and comments made by you regarding the iPads.
    The theme coming through is how eager you are to try them.
    I’m excited too and look forward to using them in our classroom together!

  6. i can wait for the ipad to come on wednesday. i wonder what the case is going to look like and what can we buy. so excided omg 😛

  7. i cant wait till we get our ipads its so cool we are going to learn heaps about the ipad. i wonder wat its going to look like :p.

    by brenden beer.

  8. I’m REALLY excited about getting the i-Pads. I can’t wait to use Google Earth because I haven’t yous ed it for a long time. I can’t wait to watch movies and play games on it as well. I’m going to use an i-Pad for the first time ever in my life.

  9. I cant wait to have my omn ipad but i think it would be alot more fun if we could use the voutcher for what we want.

  10. IPADS wat can i say about IPADS except for WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are so cool.

    but it would be hard to carry all day long.

  11. The iPads are going to be awesome for learning all the subjects. I think the grade 4’s are excited about getting them next year.

  12. I so can’t wait til we get one 🙂 🙁 😛 :S

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