Survey results

The results aren’t really mind blowing but I think the suggestions for learning may be different by the end of the trial as will other comments about their use. I explained about this being a trial and that we are a part of a research study and that we want to find out if and how iPads can help us learn. Will the iPads make us smarter? Here are some results.
Survey1- 1survey1- 2survey1- 3survey1-4a

12 thoughts on “Survey results

  1. Wow! I enjoyed reading your thoughts about the iPads and reviewing the survey. One of the main themes coming through is your eagerness to try them. It will be an exciting venture and they will have lots of uses in our classroom. I’m pretty excited too!

  2. Sweet!I am so very exsited about the ipads i think they are going to be the best. Me and my Mum want to have the Foo Fighters on my ipad. I think they will be very usful in our class. Ben

  3. The pie graphs have showed really cool results. I am definetly coming to the info night next wednesday! It is going to be really exciting!

  4. I do wonder who said No to Will the netbooks be different to the iPads. I am a little bit excited to get one. 😛

  5. Benny also none as puss in boots.
    The class all think having the ipads will be awewsome and i hope we will use them alot because they are fantastic we are having a imformation night soon very. I would like to ask one qustion Mrs Ashby Will the ipads have a longer battery than the netbooks, Also I would like to know if the ipads need longer charging yours siserly bennny/puss in boots/

  6. Hello Ben,

    Yes the iPads have a very long life battery and can last for 10 hours. They take a long time to charge and you need to charge them over night.

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