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Trying to decide which method would be best to set up for students to share their work. We could use MobileMe and set up an account for the class or we could use iWork and have a class account. Then there is drop box that we could use. Perhaps if we trial them all we can see which one works the easiest and has the least amount of hassles for use. Everything we do needs to have the technology working transparently.  Lastly there is email as an option to hand in work.  Oh and of course I wonder if we’ll be able to upload to the Ultranet?

Just thinking again blogpress would be a good way for students to publish their work as it works very well on the iPads at school.
If you have any ideas please add a comment.

5 thoughts on “Online storage of work

  1. I am really keen to see what method you do use. I am looking at a similar thing for a project I am working on. Wikis and blogs seem to be one way of doing it but everyone can see others work.

  2. Yes that’s a good point about others being able to see others work. Most times we want this to happen though so students can share and consider other students work. But at different levels of education I can see this would be a problem and hence the use of dropbox would be appropriate. Although I guess the students could have protected blogs/wikis with restricted access.

  3. mobileme is initially attractive, but is limited to five devices…
    dropbox works well, however the 2GB limited is very quickly reached

    wikispaces requires a file structure where you can point to the file to upload

    so..the simplest will be to use a blog and email the entry

    email a picture
    email a notes page

    nothing simple or easy at this early stage!!

    good luck with your endeavours….

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