Unboxing and parent evening

Learning is our focus

Learning is our focus

Finally we had our unboxing of the iPads today with the students. We invited officials from our Region, Ron Lake, (Regional Director) Anne Baird, (ultranet project manager) Marc Blanks, (ultranet coach) and Anne Cunniff (Regional Network Leader). Also the local paper came and took photos and asked questions.

We also had 8 techsperts from the grade 1/2 class come and help us learn new skills and they took us for our licence tests. Yes we got our iPad licences and can now drive the iPads very well.

It was certainly an exciting time and the time went so fast. There weren’t many apps on the ipads but our iPadlicence work required us to do lots on the iPad. So it was good to not have distractions of apps at this stage.

A slide to learn cake was cut and served and eagerly eaten by all the children as a celebration of the day.

We all configured our email accounts to the mail app which was a bit of a job. Keen kids don’t always put the dots in the right place but all was worked out in the end. I could see the students liked email better in the mail app as it was so easy to read and of course I sent a welcome email with a couple of questions as teachers always have to ask.

The parent evening was very well attended and the students eagerly showed their parents their new learning tool. We showed a presentation from the department and I showed the Bringing up digital kids video that I mentioned on a previous post.

We gave out the list of apps (21st Century booklist) to the students and requested 6 apps to be downloaded first.  Pages, keynote, sonic pics, sound paper,  one music and one drawing app.

The acceptable use contracts were signed and most iPads were taken home.

There were some interesting scenarios that I hadn’t thought about.  One family has 2 children in the program so do they need to download the apps twice?  They have one iTunes account and can only download the apps once.

Some parents didn’t have email addresses to use so gmail accounts were being organised for them.  I wanted the parents to have the email address that is used in the iTunes account so they can keep a watch on the apps that were bought by their children.

All in all it was a great day and I’m almost ready to crash.  Here is the final comment that I received in an email today from the iPads.

“The iPads rock! I like them, they are easy to use, the mail is set out great and  I am glad I got one. I can’t wait to learn more.”

Engagement plus, learning curve up.

Engagement plus, learning curve up.

Peer coaching and iPad licence testing

Peer coaching and iPad licence testing

A gr 2 student coaching  teacher and a gr 5/6 student.  Cross age tutoring.

A gr 2 student coaching a teacher and a gr 5/6 student. Cross age tutoring.

5 thoughts on “Unboxing and parent evening

  1. Congratulations Jenny and everyone at Epsom Primary. It sounds like you’ve had a great day full of excitement and possibilities for future learning.

  2. Thx for the comment I’m still posting. You are so quick. Should be some picks also. Learning has never been so exciting.

  3. Thx Jan, you’re also quick on this post. Hope you come back to check the pics. Its so stimulating for teachers and students. We all are thinking about how we can do things differently.

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