Proxies again

Just when you think you have the proxies all worked out something doesn’t work. Manually having to change the proxies is not good. Today I spoke with Luke at Sunburydowns SC and was given the link for his wiki. Luke has written some great posts on their management of the iPads and the macbook pro. If you are in the DEECD trial it is a terrific resource.
SunburyDowns iPad blog/wiki

2 thoughts on “Proxies again

  1. Hi Sam.

    Unfortunately the link is an internal address as it contains specific information about the iPad Trial within Sunbury Downs and ongoing troubleshooting/planning. Any Governmental School within the VicSmart Network will be able to access it, as it was put together more for internal review rather.

    There may be a version in future that is publicly available however. If you have a question regarding proxies within a school, feel free to contact me.

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