Updating iOS and syncing

Last week the new iOs 4.3 was released so I thought we should all update our ipads.  The download is close to 600mbs which too big for wireless to drag down x20 at a time.  So we connected via ethernet and 6 students began downloading the required update. Once the students had logged in to their users on the network they then connected the iPad and selected update in iTunes on the info window.  As downloading began they were looking at over 30 mins to download and so we had to leave them running and come back later.  This was going to take too long.

So plan 2 was put into operation which was used last year to update software.  Once the download is complete the download file can be used by others to update without syncing to different iTunes libraries or downloading the iOS. The file is located in the users library/iTunes/ipad updates/update file.  The file can be copied onto an external drive or onto a shared drive for easy access.

Then the other students who want to use the file login and connect their iPad.  Once iTunes opens it will tell them there is an update available.  They can then hold the option key while they select update.  A browser window will open wanting to find the file.  Students then navigate to the file and boom!  It installs very quickly not like the original download. This process can also be used for the iPods.

We had a student volunteer to update as many ipads for others as he could that afternoon.  So it could actually be done from one account to many iPads.  As it is a free download I can’t see there being any issues with this.

It was interesting as one of the original students who was installing the update disconnected her iPad before it finished and then had an iPad that wanted to connect to iTunes as when new image on the iPad.  Luckily she had backed up to her account and it could be restored from the backup.  A great example of why we backup.

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