Printing from the iPads and iDevices to the Photo Copier

AirprintUsusally I don’t encourage printing as I would rather encourage students to publish their work on line either in the ultranet or via blogs.

But occassionally you would like to print out a sign or a card to give someone so I have asked my tech to investigate this. Of course it was easy and in two steps we now can print wirelessly to the photocopier from all idevices. (ipods, ipads and iphones)

Here are the two steps to follow
1. Download and install Bonjour onto your print server

2. Download and install Airprint onto your print server

Make sure the printers you intend to use are using a Postscript driver not PCL.

Hope this works where you are. Previously to this the students would email me their work and then I would print as I have access to the printer.

The posters we have created are to advetise our spaces we are creating in the Ultranet which is our State Government’s student management and learning system.