Smiling faces

Today I decided (we ) to use the iPads with the students even though they aren’t all here yet. Some students happily shared and worked together.

First we learned how to turn them on when they were really off and not just asleep. Next we went into settings and named our iPad, (ipad08) after that we attempted to add a new email account, a gmail account. This worked for some but was a great test of our wifi with over 40 ipads at once. A new wifi base station will be put in on Monday. Lastly we looked at maps and found our school. Then went down to street level and looked around and found our own houses. Of course we also took a screen shot for later use.

Yes that was enough for this session with 53 grade 3/4 students. Then we had to put some onto charge and I thought it will be so good when they get to take them home and charge them at home. Where are the power boards?


One thought on “Smiling faces

  1. Thanks for describing your process Jen. This will be very helpful for my school’s iPad journey.
    The aspect of your setup that set my brain on fire was that you are involving the students with the initial setup in as many ways as possible, for example, naming the iPads. It seems your program then has a big emphasis on student capability and responsibility.
    You also seem to have a ‘Plan B’ up your sleeve for every step: no powerboards, so send them home to be charged. This involvement of home must also enhance the parent-school relationship, yes?

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