Codes and iPod/iPad backups

I came across some iPods that had codes put on them and I don’t know the code. So after some searching on the internet I found that it you turn off the iPod completely and then hold in the home button while you plug in the cable (have iTunes running on the computer it’s going to plug into) and hold it until you see the iTunes sign and plug picture then you can release it and restore the iPod.

If you want to restore your idevices but now can’t find the Library folder and the backups folders because you have Lion this is what you do. First make sure you are in the finder. Then hold the option key while you select GO. Then in the drop down menu Library will list and you can select it to find the backups folder.

I’m going to do this so I can find the backup files and add them to xCode so I can restore from the backup in xCode. Hopefully I’ll be able to do more than one at time. It’s a good idea to make sure the backup you select has everything on it that you want, including email, wifi access and apps.

And yes this works for iPads too.


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