A Change of Heart

My intention for the grade 3/4 students was to have them manage their own ipads.  However after a couple of sessions with them I have decided to begin with managed and restricted iPads for most of the students.

Why?  I don’t think they are quite ready for open slather on the ipads and starting with the ipad with a range of apps while getting to know about appropriate use will be a better way to begin.  We also have many families with no internet at home still.

It’s a very long process to image them all to one iPad as I can’t seem to find anywhere if or if not xCode can be used to restore to a backup.  So they’ll be left cooking all day while I do other things and rotate them through the process.

There will be a group of students who do self manage their iPads and these students will become our techsperts in the class.  Later in the year I am hoping some more students will be able to move from school managed to self managed mode.

Being self managed allows the students to take control of their learning and be self directed in the learning by being able to search for and download apps the students think are appropriate for their learning.  This was a successful outcome that last years iPad trial found out.

I have also had trouble changing the password for each iTunes account and I’m thinking its to do with poor bandwidth.  Three iTunes accounts just wont have a reset emailed to their accounts for some unknown reason.


It was interesting seeing how many apps last years students had downloaded, it varied between 340 apps down to around 45 apps.  They had a mixure of iphone and ipad apps.

Some iPads have no apps in their iTunes accounts as the students in the trial in 2010 used a home iTunes account and not a school iTunes account.  So these iPads will need an iTunes account and some credit to buy the apps.






One thought on “A Change of Heart

  1. Great to find some resources for setting ipads up, not a lot out there!

    I am here having all the iPads cooking as well through my computer… with XCode opened hoping that something will make sense on it, but I have no idea how to make it work on xCode. Would love to hear if anyone figures it out.

    Also, when you are syncing them and backing them up to one device… they all have the same name? Is there a way to rename them??

    Thanks and look forward to seeing how it all goes?

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