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I have spent the last week cooking iPads for the grade 3/4 students. That means I’ve been syncing them to one backup and in fact restoring to a backup of an iPad that was all set up with everything including an email address. To sync from an existing backup you press the control key when hovering over the iPad name in iTunes, then you can select restore from backup and select the iPad.  Once the restore is done you may need to rename the ipad so you can identify it in iTunes when you have multiple iPads charging etc. Passwords for email and wifi seem to need to be put in on every iPad although the accounts are there.

I have included a list of 100 of the apps that I have put onto the iPads as a startup set of apps.  They have been sorted into type – reference, creative, drill, game, presentation, assessment, collaborative, sharing and activity (where you use the ipad to measure, record, direct etc for and activity)

Sorry, but unfortunately I havent hyperlinked the apps for you but a simple search in iTunes should find most of these apps.  I’m sure you have many of these already.  I wonder what happens when apps are no longer in the app store?

One of the greatest features of our trial was the students being able to think about their learning and find an app that would help them learn and then share it of course.  This personalised their learning and empowered their learning. So we will be allowing students to search for apps and if they are free they’ll be able to download them.

In app purchasing has been turned off in restrictions as has YouTube and the app rating has been set to 4+.

100 Apps, a start

Would I like a syncing cart? Oh yes! Remember you still need to buy an app licence for every iPad and this can be done by gifting the app to all the iTunes accounts. Yes you need an iTunes account for every iPad because we don’t have volume purchasing in Australia, yet.  I wonder if we ever will have volume purchasing in Australia?


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