iPads finally have an owner

Finally after much waiting for the iPads and new cases we have been able to allocated every student an iPad. Now that each student has a dedicated iPad and not a shared iPad we should see a lot more care taken with them.

Our information nights have been well attended with now up to 86% of families attending. The rest will be seen for an interview in the coming weeks. Once each family has been up to school and signed the responsible use policy the the iPads can go home over night and at the weekends.

The teachers sigh a sigh of relief as the iPads, when there are 50 take some sorting to keep charged and secure. The students can finally share their
learning with their families. Many have already begun creating presentations at home about themselves or their passions without direction by teachers.

The students have been reminded to keep their iPads in their bags on the way home and to school. There is a temptation to get them out and play while waiting out the front in street view and in the playground which we do not allow.

Voice recording of reading has been a popular activity of the students also at home.

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