Epsom Primary School has 190 students and is situated on the outskirts of Bendigo in a semi rural area.  The suburban sprawl of Bendigo is reaching out to Epsom and new subdivisions are opening every week.

In the intital iPad Trial there were 24 children in the grade 5/6 classroom.(2010-2011) This year the iPads will be used with the grade 3/4 children on a 1:1 self management system.  There are over 50 students in this cohort.

Epsom Primary School have long had a reputation for taking on new ICT initiatives with wireless networking and laptops in 2000, iPods & Nike Sensors (ICT Chase)in 2007 and iPod Touches in 2008-10 (iPod Touch Project)

The iPad Trial ran from August 2010 and to Dec 2011. In 2012 the cohort to use the iPads have had three years of ipod use in their classrooms. We will be watching with interest as these students take on the use of the iPads to enhance their learning.

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    I love all your student comments and I will keep returning here to see how the iPad trial goes. I see you found a way to do your pie graphs – what did you use? They look great.
    With reference to on-line storage, lots of people talked about Posterous at Slide2learn. This article compares drop.io to getdropbox.com at http://kevinchiu.org/archives/dropio-vs-getdropboxcom – maybe easy for kids is good? Let us know what you end up using, because I think schools will be using this kind of storage more and more.

    Best Regards and keep up the great work, Britt Gow

  2. Hi Britt,

    Thanks for the comment. Google forms creates the pie graphs for you. I am very impressed with google forms. Still looking into dropbox at this stage.

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