Here we’ll be putting our most used apps this year. Perhaps iBooks author and iTunesU will get a mention also and various uses by the students and teachers.

1. Socratives – a clicker app


I’ve looked at many clicker apps but this one caught my eye because it free for teacher and student, can be used on many devices and PC and had great input styles. I like the open question and the viewing of the results easily from the teachers device.



1. To gauge student well being.
2. To find out understanding.
3. Assessment of and as learning
4. To plan for teaching
5. To allow feedback on teaching.
6. To get to know students.
7. For pre unit knowledge assessment
8. To collate ideas and display
9. To vote
10. To survey

Can you think of other uses? If so add them in comments. Sounds like its a great way to communicate with students.

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