Set Up

Here you’ll soon find our setup used this year in 2012.  We have 50+ ipads to get ready, 42 ipad 1’s and about 15 ipad2’s. We still have all the apps from many of the iPads on our school iTunes accounts.

1. a. Stocktake of all ipads from 2011. 4 out of 40 need new cables. No chargers were lost. 3 covers need replacing as the zips have caught on the corners. Screen protectors will be replaced where necessary.

b. Purchasing of new iPad2’s and covers ,Serial numbers to be recorded and labelling to be done.

2. iPad 1’s need to be updated to iOS5 and we are going to use Xcode to do that along with hubs. Security settings need to be set for all iPads using a code and app purchasing limits, movies, YouTube etc.

3. iTunes accounts need passwords changing and reallocating to the ipads.

4. New iTunes accounts need to be set up and credit added for the iPad2’s and email accounts for admin.

5. Create an App lists for students to use on the new iPad2’s.

6. iPad 1’s will redownload previously purchased apps that are on the list. Students with iPad2’s will need to purchase and download all the apps on the list.

7. User agreement policies need editing and updating before handout of the iPads and information evening.

8. Preparation for Parent information evening.

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