3 weeks later


We have now had the iPads for three weeks.  Today the students were busily creating presentations about our school Variety Show which was held last night.  Our school gallery is available for easy access and the photos copy to the photo gallery on the iPads easily for use in the presentations.  I have been observing the students over the weeks and noticed today a marked difference in the number of students who were using their iPad and not their netbook.  In the first weeks there were quite a few students who were still using the netbooks in preference.  They have been given the choice to select the tool they would like to use for tasks and now more are choosing the iPads.   I quizzed them about it today just by a show of hands-

Who likes using the iPads in preference to the netbooks?

Who has changed their thinking about the use of the iPads since the first few days when we got them?

I will follow up with a survey so I can collect the stats on these questions and a couple of others.

Another change in work habits has emerged where many students are using both the iPad and the netbooks side by side.  This seems to be a popular way to use them and I even notice myself,  that I  will have something else running on the iPad, the laptop and my iPhone.  Dual screens.

When the students were working on the keynotes I noticed they seemed more willing to make adjustments to their page layouts and to be considering this more than if they were using powerpoint or even keynote on the laptops.  I think this is because it’s so easy to move things around and rearrange.

The prep/1 classes performed the yellow submarine and drew pictures that were used on large screens at the Variety show.  Now they are in our school photo gallery.  The hand drawn submarines looked very nice on the iPads and the grade 5/6 could be organised to have the Prep/1’s create a sonic pics digital story about their submarines on the iPads.  A great buddy activity and it will allow us to share the use of the iPads.