The Apps Police

Picture 5

Yesterday I felt like I was the apps police as I checked all the 25 iPads for the apps we had given on a list for the students to download.

Most students had downloaded the required apps and used all their $100 gift cards. Only a handful still had the required apps not yet downloaded.

It was also interesting to see what other apps they had downloaded. Facebook was on some iPads and will be taken off due to the students being under 13 and of course Facebook is blocked at school. There were many sports apps downloaded, car racing and fashion apps on the iPads. I found some interesting apps that we will have students telling about in the coming weeks as they look like they’ll be useful in the classroom also. I was wondering about the rating of some apps though and I will be investigating further. Should students have free selections of apps or be only able to have the required apps?

My technician solved the problem of not being able to connect to the intranet due to proxies being set. The proxy worked for some sites but blocked us from others.  Four students could get to the intranet and it was found later they had no proxy settings.  So now we have a new setting to put in that lets us look locally and not go onto the internet for the intranet. This will be great as we can put photos onto our school gallery and then students can easily download them on their iPad to use in their writing. The new setting allows us access to other sites on the internet somehow but as I have a limited understanding of proxies I am following my technicians instructions with little understanding.

Allowing the students to download all the apps reminds me of when they used to have to buy all their own books and pencils and then we ended up with a mixture of equipment. Some still have to download so I’ll be checking again next week.