Smiling faces

Today I decided (we ) to use the iPads with the students even though they aren’t all here yet. Some students happily shared and worked together.

First we learned how to turn them on when they were really off and not just asleep. Next we went into settings and named our iPad, (ipad08) after that we attempted to add a new email account, a gmail account. This worked for some but was a great test of our wifi with over 40 ipads at once. A new wifi base station will be put in on Monday. Lastly we looked at maps and found our school. Then went down to street level and looked around and found our own houses. Of course we also took a screen shot for later use.

Yes that was enough for this session with 53 grade 3/4 students. Then we had to put some onto charge and I thought it will be so good when they get to take them home and charge them at home. Where are the power boards?


iPads iPods all the same family

We also have over 30 iPods at Epsom Primary and these are used in the grade p-2 classes. So it has been my job to update them to the latest software available. I thought I would use xCode however I had to find out what version of software was needed for each iPod as we have gen 2,3 and 4 iPods. In hindsight I should have plugged into iTunes and it would say what was available and which ones were already updated as much as they could be done.

My first problem was that they were all very flat and had to be charged for quite some time. I made sure when they were charged that they were turned completely off to preserve the battery power.

I think I’ll just start again and plug them in to iTunes and see what is needed as I didn’t get far on my first attempt.


Trying to be legal but no-one likes to talk about it.

2011 a new year and with it new challenges. This year we have had to restart the iPad trial as the grade 6’s went to year seven at high school. We have 22 grade 5’s coming into the trial (12 existing iPad users now in grade 6)  and have been thinking of how we can best use our money and be legal.

Last year all students were given a $100 iTunes card and the job of creating iTunes accounts at home with their parents. For some this was successful. It relied on parents having time to sit and download the apps, families having broadband and download capabilities and a lot of trust. I ended up having to check all the iPads for the apps they were supposed to have which took a  long time.

As well, now with the grade 6’s gone to high school and the apps being purchased in their family’s account we no longer have access to the apps. So we have had to buy them again. This will not be sustainable in the future to have to rebuy all apps every year.

Last year with each student’s parents downloading the apps it meant we were following the iTunes agreement. I have taken parts of the Apple agreement (Australia) to discuss the legalities as I see them.

“You acknowledge that, because some aspects of the Services, Products, and administration of the Usage Rules entails the ongoing involvement of Apple, if Apple changes any part of or discontinues the Services, which Apple may do at its election, you may not be able to use Products to the same extent as prior to such change or discontinuation, and that, to the full extent permitted by law, Apple shall have no liability to you in such case.”

When we started using iTunes and the apps store in 2008 it was legal to download the app once and sync to as many iPods as you liked. Last year we were told by Apple representatives that it is no longer legal to sync apps to many iPods from one iTunes account at school.

Further to this the agreement now states,
“This license does not allow you to use the Licensed Application on any Apple Device that you do not own or control, and except as provided in the Usage Rules, you may not distribute or make the Licensed Application available over a network where it could be used by multiple devices at the same time. Except to the extent that applicable laws prevent Apple restraining you from doing so, you may not rent, lease, lend, sell, transfer redistribute, or sublicense the Licensed Application and, if you sell your Mac Computer or iOS Device to a third party, you must remove the Licensed Application from the Mac Computer or iOS Device before doing so.”

Are we at school making the application available via the network for multiple devices to use?

We thought about creating an iPod account that could be accessed around the school for all iPods from each computer. We decided against this due to bandwidth and dragging apps across the network. Syncing would be very slow but also it’s illegal.

(i) You may download and sync an App Store Product for personal, noncommercial use on any iOS Device you own or control.
(ii) If you are a commercial enterprise or educational institution, you may download and sync an App Store Product for use by either (a) a single individual on one or more iOS Devices you own or control or (b) multiple individuals, on a single shared iOS Device you own or control. For example, a single employee may use the Product on both the employee’s iPhone and iPad, or multiple students may serially use the Product on a single iPad located at a resource center or library.
(iii) You shall be able to store App Store Products from up to five different Accounts at a time on compatible iOS Devices.”

So the words “on devices you own or control” lead one to think yes we control the devices at school so we should be able to sync the app to all the idevices we control.

But then in the next paragraph educational institutions are explicitly referred to but it also says ….“for use by either (a) a single individual on one or more iOS Devices you own or control.” So we control 30 iPods so does that mean we can sync apps to 30 iPods as we control them? Or does it mean we can only sync an App to each different type of idevice ie ipad, ipod and iphone once and the user can use either of the idevices?

Interpreting the agreement is interesting. However in Australia Apple representatives have told us that each idevice has to have a licence for the app.

So why not keep just syncing one app to 30 iPods? Well digital citizenship is something we are promoting and meant to be modelling to students. Do we condone pirating music, software or copy right issues? No we don’t so we need to make sure we are not pirating apps.

So for 2011 we decided to create school iTunes accounts with an email for each account to receive iTunes receipts and invoices that can be used for auditing. Then we will put credit into each account and download the apps at school. We will authorise the accounts on a school computer and the students will authorise the account to their home computer.

If we were in the US we could use the volume purchasing agreement that is available for education. This would allow us to purchase multiple copies of apps.  But here in Australia ( and UK, NZ and Canada) it is impossible to purchase multiple copies of apps from one account.

At the end of the year when the students hand back their iPads we will sync and deauthorise all computers and reauthorise the school computers and change the password on the iTunes account. Hopefully this will allow us to continue to use the apps next year without repurchasing them.

For our school iPods we are creating an iTunes account for each grade but an email account for all iPods. We will download the apps into the one grade iTunes account and then gift them to the other accounts, but not redeem but sync then to the original account with the downloaded apps. Then for audit purposes we can use the invoice with the gifting as proof of purchase.

So this all sounded very good in theory but when I attempted to create 22 iTunes accounts for the iPads after the fourth account I had a message-
iTunes message after adding code from iTunes card.

My colleague @loisath suggested that iTunes has detected many accounts coming from the one IP number and treats it as spam. (Lois had this problem when creating many google accounts and so spaced them out.) So I will try again on another computer and at another time so see if I get the message. In the meantime I created an apple ID for the account that wouldn’t create but haven’t got back to the site to email my problem to Apple. As I teach classes at school and have to fit this in between. I don’t have time for lengthy processes. So the email will have to wait until Monday.

I’ll try to create an iTunes account from another computer at school and see if it works. Buying all the iTunes cards was interesting and it took the cashier 45 minutes to validate all the cards. Luckily I decided to only buy half the amount I needed.

I have tried to discuss this issue on twitter with my PLN but have found people don’t really like to engage in this conversation. A few have admitted they just download once and sync to many devices. Hmm…to be continued. Here are some great links where others are talking about it- ( so yes some people are talking about it)

Fraser Speirs – App management and syncing

Warren Hall’s Core-Ed blog and iTUnes and Apps in schools post (NZ)

Volume purchasing explained by Tony Vincent- (US)

We have purchased silicon skins for the iPads and iPods and are still waiting to find a supplier for the hard cases for the iPads. We need 10 cases. The silicon cases will absorb the shock when the iPads are placed on a table or dropped to the table on corners etc. And it allows the iPad to fit in the hard cases we want to buy.
Oh and one more thing we have our iPad/netbook information evening next week so I’ll let you know how it goes and about the paper work.

Trial Schools Sharing Day

Today we met with all the other iPad trial schools in Melbourne at the Conference and Exhibition Centre. The day kicked off with an App Smackdown where each school gave a quick best 5 apps. Here is a summary of the apps:-
Keynote, Coolfacts, PuppetPals, TED, Nue Draw, Corkulous, Guardian Eyewitness, Popplet, Draw, Wolfram alpha, Math Board, Strip designer, iBooks, Goodreader, Doodle buddy, Reel director, App shopper, SimplemindX, AnimationHD, Pages, Star walk, Dictionary- thesaurus, Melbourne Museum App, Calendar, Epicure, Online Galleries, Homework Plus, Sonic Pics, Atomic Browser/Perfect browser (allows VGA output)

I showed Spoken Motion as another app that allows you to record audio but also records drawing on pictures or text or a blank canvas. I actually created some movies using Spoken motion as tutorials for students wanting to learn cursive script. Each tutorial shows how to write a high frequency word with audio explanation.

The second part of the day was each school telling their story about the iPad trial. Stories were varied but had the same theme with engagement of learners and teachers being a significant outcome. Two schools have students with both a netbook and the ipads and have both found that students are choosing the iPad as their most preferred tool. Some students were even leaving their netbook at home.

Another common finding was that the less able students were seen to gain a lot from the program so far. For some this meant attending school more regularly, becoming techsperts and points of call for others, having social connections because of the iPad use and having a greater work output than previous to the iPad trial.

Creative uses of the iPads was the third common thread between the school’s uses of the iPad. Students creating presentations, movies, slideshows, posters and more using a range of apps to produce a product. Some students can use up to seven or more apps to produce a final product. Students are given a problem or challenge and then decide which apps they would like to use.
An example was using Whiteboard and Sonic pics to create a how to presentation and an assessment piece on addition of 2 3 digit numbers with regrouping.

There was talk about developers and teachers being able to collaborate on creation of apps and it was noted that most app developers are most willing to accept feedback and work to develop their apps along side teachers. If a developer was emailed it was only a short time until there was an answer.

I have found this myself as lately I have made contact with the developer of Spoken Motion. Spoken motion allows you to add pictures and then draw on them while recording your voice. Then you can share the files with others. I would like to be able to use this app on the iPad to give feedback to students on their work. In particular to be able to annotate their work and the record voice with more feedback. This can be emailed to the students.

It was also evident that many of the schools had purchased further iPads than the ones in the trial to allow other teachers and students to participate in the project. In addition parents had also purchased iPads as a ripple effect was felt from the student’s use of the iPads.

In the afternoon Simon Shaw showed us how you can create ePubs (books for the iPad) by using pages or a template available on the Apple website. I thought the students would like to create some of their learning in this format.
Also in the afternoon we were shown the DEECD Vic Gov Ultranet design space that we have all been invited to use. This will be a great space to communicate together and there will be a front page to the www added later in Dec. I liked that feature so we can include a wider following on the project and get added ideas and feedback from a global perspective.

Finally we shared our take away from the day and any other things we wanted to share with others.  My take away was create, share and create. The best apps allow students to create and share in many ways.

iPad iFootball


Today was the last day of term and we had our Prep12 footy match and footy day. I was amazed to see one of our students use his iPad at the game on the official time keepers table. The app he used was Soccer sound box.
He had, on his own downloaded an app that gives you various sounds you might hear at a footy game and set up with the speaker so he could play the siren sound at the appropriate time. Yes there’s an app for that. During the last half he disappeared inside where the wifi was better to download a song he wanted for the winners, We are the Champions. And so at the end after the siren went the music came on and everyone sang along and cheered the winners.
This was a fitting end to the term and an example of how the iPads are now being used for all sorts of uses at school. Oh and yes there was a plan B as we always need plan B, the old school bell but it wasn’t used.

To finish the term off the students made a keynote about our school concert and the used many iPad skills such as screen shots, copying images to the photo gallery, keynote features and page layout and email. Talking Tom featured in some keynotes.

How to get things on the iPads without usb’s has become a great problem solving exercise that’s finding different solutions every day. Email seems to be the quickest way. An example today was a student who wanted the concert program in his keynote. He came to find the scanner to scan the document. I asked, “I wonder if someone has this on a computer? Perhaps they could email it to you and then you would have it to use.” A screen shot and a crop and it’s done. Much quicker than a scanner.

Thinking back on the introduction of the iPads I would change the following next time.

1. I would have a parents only information evening. This would allow for talk about security issues and iTunes accounts.
Also I would demonstrate creating an account and downloading. This wasn’t done as everyone seemed to say we know but actually about 10 students have had problems with this either the downloading or use of the accounts. Assuming the students would know or older siblings could set it up, it wasn’t always a good idea. It would have been good to give out the iTunes cards and everyone redeem them on their accounts at school together.

2. The security on the iPads should be turned on with selections of restrictions and a code from the school set on each iPad. This would make it impossible to add unsuitable apps, music etc. Ratings can be selected. I didn’t know this at the time and now have set it on a couple of iPads where children were downloading unsuitable apps.

3. If the volume licencing is available I would sync them all at school. This would make sure all the apps are on the iPads right from the start. We still have some students struggling to get all the apps. One downside would be if the students wanted to upload an app like today at the footy it wouldn’t be possible if the students didn’t have access to an account.

I don’t know why you need an account for free apps. There needs to be a way as finding the apps to suit various jobs is one of the great things iPads allow students to do, just in time learning.

4. I would use the iPad licence testing as a way to begin the iPad use again. This worked very well and the students liked the idea of a licence.

So at the end of the term I would say at this stage the iPads have gained a lot of the students full support and have become the tool of choice for most jobs. The netbooks are staying in their cases.

The cables and wall connectors will need to be collected early in Dec along with the iPads so we have them all for next year. Whether returning students will have holiday access and if next years grade will be given them to take home are issues that need some thought. Our grade structure changes next year and we may have the netbooks in another class and the ipads in the other as we will have more grade 5 students than grade 6’s requiring 2 grades with grade 5’s.

I am on leave for a large part of next term and this will be interesting to see how the iPads continue to be used. I will be emailing the students and teacher to keep up with the iPad use and will be inviting the teacher of the class to put some guest blogs here on this blog.

Day 3 – Don't forget the Proxies

Bourke and Wills portraits and a student uses it to sketch.

Bourke and Wills portraits and a student uses it to sketch.

Today was another busy day with concert practice, early years literacy and setting up users for students who can’t download at home.   Some students do not have the internet at home while others can’t download too much per month on their plan.

So with parent permission I set up email accounts for those parents without them and then iTunes accounts. I decided to use gmail accounts so the parents can keep the accounts and check them on any internet capable computer.

I found a varied range of how many apps have now been added to the students’ iPads. One keen student who made sure his account was made yesterday not only stayed after school last night but worked all lunchtime today downloading and syncing his iPad. He now has the whole collection apart from 3 apps that had error messages. We have still been getting the error 2096 in iTUnes but just ignore it and select download again and it works.

I was thinking we needed to have a sign when completed form for all the apps and have decided to add that to the bottom of the apps list. Perhaps a reward for all apps downloaded could be given to each student. A $2 gift card would be great. It is quite a job downloading all the apps.

It seems quite strange to be downloading the apps 5 or 6 times in separate accounts on the same computer for those who don’t have access at home. Also it takes a long time for each iPad rather than downloading once and then syncing. I’m glad we haven’t got 100’s of iTunes accounts to create.  Actually once the iTunes account is ready for use the students can put it on the iPads and begin downloading the apps and then sync them back to the MacBook pro in their own user accounts later.

The students had tried to download at school on the iPads yesterday but it wouldn’t work. This seemed strange as it let them log on to iTunes. The first question my tech asked was, “Have you added the edupass proxy settings?” No we hadn’t and as the internet seemed to work from the wireless I hadn’t thought of it. So now they have downloaded many more and much quicker at school. The students can go home and sync them onto their home computers.

I checked the email again and found 4 or 5 students who still hadn’t got their emails to work. I think we have them all working. It was easier just to delete the accounts they had out yesterday and recreate a new account to make sure all the settings were correct.

An eraser used as a stand.

An eraser used as a stand.

Highlighters used as a stand

Highlighters used as a stand

Two girls were quite inventive today by using an eraser or small packet of highlighters to act as a stand for their iPads. My iPad has the triangular cover from Apple. I have decided to go to the rubber store and to buy some wedges on a similar angle as my Apple case for each student. I’ll report how they go next week.

The Apple case folds into a triangular stand

The Apple case folds into a triangular stand

So by day three we are still downloading apps although I did run through copy and pasting across various apps today and suggested that they carry out a spelling investigation using the iPads. This would be great it they used corkulous so they could arrange the words into groups. Or if they used keynote they could put the words in text boxes and be able to rearrange them. iBrainstorm would be good for collaborative work also as would google docs. Could be good for next week. This week we have used the iPads to communicate, next week we’ll collaborate and create.

Student comments today sent via email,

Hello Mrs Ashby I am happy that we got the iPads because I think I will learn more.

I haven’t been able to get my gift vouchers to work. I have got an iTunes
account. When I write in the code on the back starting with x it says it isn’t

I can’t download the apps

Hi, I have downloaded 9 apps. ThEY ARE GREAT. My favourite is Jampad.


Unboxing and parent evening

Learning is our focus

Learning is our focus

Finally we had our unboxing of the iPads today with the students. We invited officials from our Region, Ron Lake, (Regional Director) Anne Baird, (ultranet project manager) Marc Blanks, (ultranet coach) and Anne Cunniff (Regional Network Leader). Also the local paper came and took photos and asked questions.

We also had 8 techsperts from the grade 1/2 class come and help us learn new skills and they took us for our licence tests. Yes we got our iPad licences and can now drive the iPads very well.

It was certainly an exciting time and the time went so fast. There weren’t many apps on the ipads but our iPadlicence work required us to do lots on the iPad. So it was good to not have distractions of apps at this stage.

A slide to learn cake was cut and served and eagerly eaten by all the children as a celebration of the day.

We all configured our email accounts to the mail app which was a bit of a job. Keen kids don’t always put the dots in the right place but all was worked out in the end. I could see the students liked email better in the mail app as it was so easy to read and of course I sent a welcome email with a couple of questions as teachers always have to ask.

The parent evening was very well attended and the students eagerly showed their parents their new learning tool. We showed a presentation from the department and I showed the Bringing up digital kids video that I mentioned on a previous post.

We gave out the list of apps (21st Century booklist) to the students and requested 6 apps to be downloaded first.  Pages, keynote, sonic pics, sound paper,  one music and one drawing app.

The acceptable use contracts were signed and most iPads were taken home.

There were some interesting scenarios that I hadn’t thought about.  One family has 2 children in the program so do they need to download the apps twice?  They have one iTunes account and can only download the apps once.

Some parents didn’t have email addresses to use so gmail accounts were being organised for them.  I wanted the parents to have the email address that is used in the iTunes account so they can keep a watch on the apps that were bought by their children.

All in all it was a great day and I’m almost ready to crash.  Here is the final comment that I received in an email today from the iPads.

“The iPads rock! I like them, they are easy to use, the mail is set out great and  I am glad I got one. I can’t wait to learn more.”

Engagement plus, learning curve up.

Engagement plus, learning curve up.

Peer coaching and iPad licence testing

Peer coaching and iPad licence testing

A gr 2 student coaching  teacher and a gr 5/6 student.  Cross age tutoring.

A gr 2 student coaching a teacher and a gr 5/6 student. Cross age tutoring.

iPad Stocktake

Yesterday we unpacked the iPads and did a stocktake of serial numbers, wi-fi numbers and gave each iPad a number so they are all named, iPad01-26.   Emily, Ryan, Jaydon and Michaella were eager to help.  I couldn’t help notice their smiles even though they were missing sport.
So we worked in production line style, unpacking, numbering, naming, recording stats and then repacking.

I wasn’t sure if I should register them so I left it for later. Does registering them tie them to an account or is it just for warranty.   As the school owns the iPads I would have thought we should register them in the school’s name.   Hmm.  I will have to find out.  Look below and you”ll see some pics from our stocktaking afternoon. Yes it was wall to wall iPads and smiles.

So our official unboxing day is Aug 18th and our parent information session is on the same day in the evening. We’ll be giving demonstrations of how to get an iTunes account and add the $100 itunes voucher so a credit card is not needed. Also how to download the apps and sync the iPads.
Also I’ll be showing this youTube video on the iPad for parents. Raising digital kids, a series of videos on YouTube by Kevin Honeycutt has many iPad episodes. I like his emphasis on getting kids to be creative and to use gadgets for learning. If you like this one you’ll probably like others he has made.

A Line of iPadsStocktaking iPadsiPad HappyAll smiles

Setting up

We have been setting up our iPads with lots of apps that have been suggested by the trial team.(Suggested Apps for school)  iWork was the first to download and looks very sleek. Pages, keynote and numbers all will be used and are even more simple than on the laptop.

I also  downloaded many apps we also have on the iPods that are creative apps like sonic pics, etcha sketch, fastfinga and more.

We were given some iTunes cards and made an account for each iPad for staff to use. The students will have their own accounts and have to download their apps at home. If they don’t have the Internet at home they can download them at school so we can make multiple iTunes libraries or have the children log into the file server and use their own iTunes library on the server. I’m not sure how quickly the apps would sync across the network though. We wanted to make the staff accounts fairly generic so they are school accounts and not linked to teachers. Although for ease of use we have downloaded the apps onto the teacher’s laptops.
The more I use the iPad the more I like it. Duplicam is a great app as it let’s you take photos with your iPhone (camera module free) and they come instantly onto the iPod.   Also you can access all the photos on the iPhone and find them in the photo gallery on the iPad. If a teacher has an iphone (as most of us do) this would be a great way to instantly have a picture available for a student.  We will also use our intranet photo gallery for sharing photos as these can be accesssed on the iPads.
As we’ve been looking at fractions lately I added Freddy fraction and number line. Sonic pics works well on the iPad and the inbuilt mic is great. Sound paper will be interesting and I’ve  thought about giving it a go at running records. I have a smart pen so it will be interesting to compare them.. I’m hoping the instant on and no uploading will be a bonus.  However there would also be no uploading to the website though like the smart pen.
I am writing this post on the iPad and I’m thinking of how the children will be able to blog onto the web also. Blogpress is terrific on the iPad. (at home) I like the way it lists all your post down the side for easy viewing. I hope it will work on the iPads at school as I haven’t got it to work at school on the iPods.

Edmodo may be useful as well, for tweeting about learning. So watch this space for tweet details if you want to follow the kids’ iPad tweets.
While we have been attempting to download apps we have had a bit of fun and games with iTunes at school. On my laptop it works fine but on my principal’s (Kerry’s)laptop the pictures don’t show in iTunes and it won’t always reach the store.  We have checked all the proxy settings and it seems the same as my laptop but it fails to contact the iTunes store and times out. We have some technicians coming tomorrow and I suspect there will be some firewalls and proxies to blame. Well today my laptop has the same problems.  Some apps show art work and some don’t.

I have now reverted to my laptop as my home bandwidth has been shaped and it was taking ages to load typing to the blog.  Editing was also a problem as the uploading wasn’t happening on the iPad.  I will edit this post when I’m at school tomorrow as I haven’t been able to have multiple windows open to add links to the different websites.  So please revisit for the links.

Yes now all the links have been added and the pdf file of the apps suggested downloads.