Credit and Syncing to PC

We still have a way to go to get all students up and running with all apps downloaded. One student purchased an app not on the list and used up credit. Hmmm.

We have decided to give the students from last year some more credit ($20) however it will be in a school iTunes account not their home account so we don’t lose the apps. To do this I have created email accounts for each iPad and forwarded them to my email. Then I created iTunes accounts and added the credit. Buying $40 for $30 has worked well and saved a lot of money at 25% off.

Today we synced the iPads back to the school computers. This was a two step process involving authenticating the computer and transfering purchase to this computer. Some student got the transfer message but it only transferred the music. I later remembered the control click on the named iPad in iTunes and then you select transfer purchased items. This time all the apps came into their iTunes library at school. It was interesting as some students had apps that were not purchased by them and then couldn’t authenticate the apps for the computer.

I have found that some students shared their iTunes account last year and reinstalled a previously bought app on another students iPad in return for the downloading of the games apps. This was illegal and has been spoken about at length with the students.

The forwarding of the emails from iTunes is working very well as I can see what the students are downloading from their school accounts. This is very useful also for the bursar keeping up with iTunes credit.
If you go to there is a calendar of itunes cards specials in Australia. I wonder if it works in other countries.

Day 3 – Don't forget the Proxies

Bourke and Wills portraits and a student uses it to sketch.

Bourke and Wills portraits and a student uses it to sketch.

Today was another busy day with concert practice, early years literacy and setting up users for students who can’t download at home.   Some students do not have the internet at home while others can’t download too much per month on their plan.

So with parent permission I set up email accounts for those parents without them and then iTunes accounts. I decided to use gmail accounts so the parents can keep the accounts and check them on any internet capable computer.

I found a varied range of how many apps have now been added to the students’ iPads. One keen student who made sure his account was made yesterday not only stayed after school last night but worked all lunchtime today downloading and syncing his iPad. He now has the whole collection apart from 3 apps that had error messages. We have still been getting the error 2096 in iTUnes but just ignore it and select download again and it works.

I was thinking we needed to have a sign when completed form for all the apps and have decided to add that to the bottom of the apps list. Perhaps a reward for all apps downloaded could be given to each student. A $2 gift card would be great. It is quite a job downloading all the apps.

It seems quite strange to be downloading the apps 5 or 6 times in separate accounts on the same computer for those who don’t have access at home. Also it takes a long time for each iPad rather than downloading once and then syncing. I’m glad we haven’t got 100’s of iTunes accounts to create.  Actually once the iTunes account is ready for use the students can put it on the iPads and begin downloading the apps and then sync them back to the MacBook pro in their own user accounts later.

The students had tried to download at school on the iPads yesterday but it wouldn’t work. This seemed strange as it let them log on to iTunes. The first question my tech asked was, “Have you added the edupass proxy settings?” No we hadn’t and as the internet seemed to work from the wireless I hadn’t thought of it. So now they have downloaded many more and much quicker at school. The students can go home and sync them onto their home computers.

I checked the email again and found 4 or 5 students who still hadn’t got their emails to work. I think we have them all working. It was easier just to delete the accounts they had out yesterday and recreate a new account to make sure all the settings were correct.

An eraser used as a stand.

An eraser used as a stand.

Highlighters used as a stand

Highlighters used as a stand

Two girls were quite inventive today by using an eraser or small packet of highlighters to act as a stand for their iPads. My iPad has the triangular cover from Apple. I have decided to go to the rubber store and to buy some wedges on a similar angle as my Apple case for each student. I’ll report how they go next week.

The Apple case folds into a triangular stand

The Apple case folds into a triangular stand

So by day three we are still downloading apps although I did run through copy and pasting across various apps today and suggested that they carry out a spelling investigation using the iPads. This would be great it they used corkulous so they could arrange the words into groups. Or if they used keynote they could put the words in text boxes and be able to rearrange them. iBrainstorm would be good for collaborative work also as would google docs. Could be good for next week. This week we have used the iPads to communicate, next week we’ll collaborate and create.

Student comments today sent via email,

Hello Mrs Ashby I am happy that we got the iPads because I think I will learn more.

I haven’t been able to get my gift vouchers to work. I have got an iTunes
account. When I write in the code on the back starting with x it says it isn’t

I can’t download the apps

Hi, I have downloaded 9 apps. ThEY ARE GREAT. My favourite is Jampad.