iPad Trial PD day

So we got up early and went to Melbourne on the 6:30 am train. Our Pd session enabled us to meet all the other teachers involved in the trial. I would have liked to have more conversations with many of the other schools. Luckily I did meet up with Adam Brice from Ringwood North Primary School and hope to be able to share and compare as we enter the trial with the iPads.

Marco Torres had so many good messages for us about being learners and problem solvers. What evidence do we have that we are learners and problem solvers? As I listened to Marco I was tweeting and had responses from around the globe that I was so lucky to be in Marco’s company. I enjoyed sharing Marco’s messages to the world and at the end of the day I could search for my hashtags and find all my tweets which have become my notes. The best part about learning is sharing your learning. Just like children who want to share what they can do, ‘Look at me….this…etc” Sharing is going to be something I’d like to see the iPads helping us do better.
Marco posed many questions for us to ponder upon. Like-
How do we showcase good learning? (marketing)
How do we know who our good learners are?
He also made some great statements like-
We want to see evidence of learning, not if you know something or not.
Children should be asking questions and problem solving not just looking for answers.

I like the way Marco makes you think and takes your thinking to a higher level. We didn’t just talk apps we were talking learning which is the focus of the iPad trial.

We also looked at visual mind mapping as a way of showing evidence of thinking. I hadn’t thought about mindmapping as showing evidence of thinking before. We can use corkulous, ibrainstorm, poplet and many other mindmapping apps.

Lynne Davie challenged us to think about the focus questions for the trial –
How will iPads make my students smarter?
How will my classroom practice change when I have access to iPads in the classroom?
What will my students find useful about the iPad?
How will the iPads make my students happier?

We had lots to think about and contemplate after our day in Melbourne. Unboxing and a parent evening are the next items on our agenda for the iPad trial.