Syncing at school and purchasing apps

Some children don’t have the internet or have very slow internet at home. So to cater for these children we will be setting up local accounts on a laptop for the students to use to sync the iPads. As there aren’t many in this situation it will be okay but if we had a lot it would make the initial purchasing of apps very slow.

All students have a budget of $100 to purchase the apps from iTunes and the parents will be required to make the account and with hold the pass word so they have control over the iTunes account. The apps list is like a book list. They have to download certain apps as on the list.

It will be interesting to see what happens when the grade 6’s leave at the end of the year as the iPads will have to be resynced and the apps repurchased by the new users.

Is a school account and use by students in the school seen as personal use? I wonder as this would have made purchasing and syncing easier but we are not sure of the copy right laws and the legality of purchasing and then syncing with many. So to be safe each student or parent is responsible for creating a new iTunes account and purchasing the apps for the iPad.