iPad Stocktake

Yesterday we unpacked the iPads and did a stocktake of serial numbers, wi-fi numbers and gave each iPad a number so they are all named, iPad01-26.   Emily, Ryan, Jaydon and Michaella were eager to help.  I couldn’t help notice their smiles even though they were missing sport.
So we worked in production line style, unpacking, numbering, naming, recording stats and then repacking.

I wasn’t sure if I should register them so I left it for later. Does registering them tie them to an account or is it just for warranty.   As the school owns the iPads I would have thought we should register them in the school’s name.   Hmm.  I will have to find out.  Look below and you”ll see some pics from our stocktaking afternoon. Yes it was wall to wall iPads and smiles.

So our official unboxing day is Aug 18th and our parent information session is on the same day in the evening. We’ll be giving demonstrations of how to get an iTunes account and add the $100 itunes voucher so a credit card is not needed. Also how to download the apps and sync the iPads.
Also I’ll be showing this youTube video on the iPad for parents. Raising digital kids, a series of videos on YouTube by Kevin Honeycutt has many iPad episodes. I like his emphasis on getting kids to be creative and to use gadgets for learning. If you like this one you’ll probably like others he has made.

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