Student reflections before the trial begins.

After the surveys the students wrote into their learning portfolios. I tried to encourage them to ask questions that were not in the survey for us to find out during the trial. Here are some of their comments.

I cant wait to get my iPad I recon it will make my learning speed up quite a bit. I hope to be able to watch movies on my iPad.

Three questions I would like to find out about the iPads are:
1. Are there many iPads in stores yet?
How much value do iPads give you?
Will we use the iPads all the time?

Grade 5/6 is included in an iPad trial. Each grade 5/6 student will get an iPad.
They will also get a $100 gift voucher for iTunes. There are only 9 schools in the state that get this opportunity. Luckily we are one!

On the 18th of August we are getting our IPADS I am looking forward to using the IPADS because we are one of the lucky seven schools who have the chance to use
the IPADS. The IPADS are the biggest of all the things and the best one because we get them in my grade and my grade only but I wish we had them for longer than half a year.

Can I use the IPAD today?
Will we have them next year?
Will the two teachers like them?

What type of apps do we get for maths and english?
Are there any games we get on the iPad for free time?
Do have to just do work or is their fun maths games?

I know this is an ipad but i would like to ask you some questions.
:Why is the ipad as big as a netbook?
:Is the ipad stronger than the netbook?
:Does the ipad have a more gigabites?

This year we are getting the new ipads for our grade to test if it’s good or not and I’m looking forward to getting one in the class room and one thing I’m concerned about is the touch because any one could muck you up in the middle of work.

This year we are getting iPads in grade 5/6. It will be good to help our learning with a lot of stuff. I am hoping that we will have money left over so that we can get some stuff for our leisure. I am excited to use something other than a click screen. I wonder if the iPads will be fiddly with the touch
screen? After the $100 will we get more? Will we use them more than the netbooks, and will we use them most of the time at school? I am pretty excited
about them and to get some cool applications. When we take them home will we be able to buy our own applications or will we have to buy them at school? I cant wait to get them and have a play with them!

We are getting IPADS for the rest of the year. They are going to be great. They will be different to the net-books. Will they be as good as the net-books? Are they as good as people say they are?
We Get $100 vouchers for iTunes as well.
Maths Apps For iPads.
Maths Magic
Maths Flow
Next week on Wednesday 5/6 get the iPads. I’m really excited because their is better stuff on the iPads then the netbooks. I can’t wait to use Google Earth.

Grade 5/6 are getting a IPAD. I think all the teachers are getting one as well. I think it would be hard to walk around with it. How did they think of the IPAD? Why did they make it so big? and how did you think of the idea?

iPads are like big iPod touches, they help with your learning and they are very fun to use. They have a lot of fun apps and the math sites are good

How many Apps will we be able to buy? How many Apps do you want us to buy? How many Apps are there in the whole universe?

The iPads are like a portable computer. iPads are bigger then an iPod but smaller then a regular computers. The iPads are extremely expensive. There are different kinds of apps like fun games, educational games and other great apps.
Some of the apps are free and some you have to buy.

Where did the iPad first come out?
How did the iPad get its name?
How many apps can you have on the iPads?

I think the iPads will really help our learning because we will be able to access to it at home. Will we be able to watch movies on our iPads? How many Apps can a iPad hold? Can we download some of our own Apps?